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පිටු 447 යි. අවශ්‍යය අය අරගන්න. නමුත් ම‌ෙය 2015 සංස්කරණයකි. 
නවතම ප‌ොත් ඔබග‌ේ අධ්‍යනයට ලබා දීමට කටයුතු කරන්නම්. ම‌ෙම ප‌ොත බාගත කරගන්න


The Photoshop Workbook : Professional Retouching and Compositing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques reveals the creative skills that photographer and retoucher Glyn Dewis uses for his global clients. In this guide you will learn not only his step-by-step Photoshop techniques, but how and when to apply them so that you, too, can take your images to a whole new level. Glyn starts by covering the individual Photoshop skills that are the essential building blocks of his process. 

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