Switch to Digital Product Design and Selling Sinhala

I told him to work, but no one asked him what he was doing ... I told him to work until he felt a great loss of sleep and sleep time. 🤭 The chances of a Graphic Designer saying that there is no work to protect at this time are not limited but unlimited, especially for those who are doing local work. So working .. there is work ... the rule is to play a game quietly at this time. So, if you look at the market, the work of the clients' clients has stopped to a large extent. I'm right ... Anything can be done these days. I added some content to youtube about a year ago. Now when I watch those videos, I see a tendency to talk about something over and over..it is difficult to do a big thing. So in this post, you will not be so stunned ... I will attach a gift to operate... What is the content of this skillshare course given to you? 2. Why Etsy? 3. Selecting and Designing Artwork 4. Scanning 5. Editing in Photoshop 6. Template Overview 7. Greeting Card Template: Photoshop 8. Greeting Card Template: InDesign 9. Greeting Card Template: Illustrator 10. Testing 11. Etsy Shop Overview 12. Etsy Listing Overview 13. Mockups and Photos 14. Listing Titles and Tags 15. Description 16. Pricing 17. Create a Listing 18. Etsy Tips 19. Customer Relationships 20. Digital Product Ideas 21. Class Project Switch to Digital Product Selling That's the story .. I am not talking about targeting one market place here but giving a valuable course for free Google can get a lot out of it ... Ok, so I say in my video, and I will give you some good youtube channel to follow for each of these platforms. * Etsy digital වලට Follow කරන්න මේ channels https://www.youtube.com/c/GraphicDesignHowTo/ * Redbubble වලට Follow කරන්න https://www.youtube.com/c/DetourShirts/ Updating ......

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